Case Filling Machine KP – Pick and Place

The case filling machine of type KP packs single products (bags, boxes or blister packs) horizontally into cases or boxes.


Here Delta pickers take on the packing task. Whether lengthwise, crosswise, or head to head – every single product receives its individual position. The most modern smart camera technology enables an accurate pick-up position and thus ensures a precise packing pattern. Due to multiple arrangements of Delta pickers, performance limits are no longer an issue. The case filling machine KP can be perfectly combined with an erecting and closing/lid applying module. One motion-control regulates robot handling and classic servo axes.

As a stand-alone machine, the KP can be easily combined with tray and case erectors, box stackers, case closers and lid applying machines.

The format range of the machine conforms to the customary national and international packing sizes. The format change is carried out quickly and without tools by means of the “J+P-simple-quick-change”.

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