Compact end of line packaging machine KWH-TD/-DT

The compact end of line packaging machine Model KWH-TD or -DT packs single products (bags, boxes, blister packs or other) in trays either with an external lid (TD) or an internal lid (DT).

The highlight of this machine type:

the trays and lids are folded from a flat blank during the packing process and then glued. All process steps take place at the same working level. The lidding module can be switched off. An upgrade to one-piece wrap-around cases is possible for both variants!

Single and 2-track pocket conveyors or our standardised product transport systems are used for the collating system. Horizontal and vertical groupings, single and multi-row groupings, single and multi-layer arrangements – the J+P modular system can be configured flexibly for each requirement.

The format range of the machine conforms to the customary national and international packing sizes. The format change is carried out quickly and without tools by means of the “J+P-simple-quick-change”.

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